Configuring Icarus

Configuring Icarus

The configuration of Icarus consists of two parts: theme configuration and post configuration.

Theme Configuration

Icarus uses the _config.yml file for global page layout, plugins and widgets settings. It will check and validate the configuration file, points out any misconfigurations, and generates one for you if none exists. You can check the specifications at any time from the *.spec.js files inside the themes/icarus/includes/specs folder.

A default theme configuration consists of the following parts:

  • Site preference and page meta data
  • Top navigation bar links
  • Page footer links
  • Article display settings
  • Comment, share and search plugin settings
  • Sidebar widget settings
  • Other display and analytics plugins
  • CDN settings

Most of the settings are documented in the _config.yml file. For more details on configuring plugins, you can refer to the online documentation.

Post Configuration

Apart from the global theme configuration, you can also make customizations in any post. That is, you can override the theme configurations from a post. Let’s say you want to show different navigation bar menus in a post. To do this, you only need to put the navbar settings in the post’s front-matter:

Home: /
Special!: /special

The configurations you set here will be applied only to this post. This feature can be very useful for displaying customized/optimized pages to a specific audience. For example, you can enable faster CDNs or a localized comment service based on the country and language of the page viewers.

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