Configuring Icarus

Configuring Icarus

The configuration of Icarus consists of two parts: theme configuration and post configuration.

Polymorphic Link Settings

Polymorphic Link Settings

You may already notice that Icarus allows you to put icon links on the right of the navigation bar, the bottom of the profile widget, and the right side of the footer with the following format:

Speed up Your Site with Custom CDN

Using a right CDN provider can speed up page loading process of your viewers. Icarus allows you to specify the CDN provider of third-party static libraries you want to use.

Built-in CDN providers

Currently, you can choose between these built-in providers:

  • General CDNs
    • CDN.js (cdnjs)
    • jsDelivr (jsdelivr)
    • Unpkg (unpkg)
  • Font CDNs
    • Google Fonts (google)
  • Icon Font CDNs
    • Font Awesome (fontawesome)

Make a Sidebar Sticky When Page Scrolls

Sometimes you may want your sidebar’s position to stay fixed when other parts of your page scrolls. This can be done via the sticky option of the sidebar in the theme’s _config.yml. You can set any of the sidebar or even both of them to sticky.

sticky: false
sticky: true
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